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Eurika Botha

Eurika Botha

"My background is in Commercial, Retail and Industrial Industry working in the South African mining sector managing properties with anchor tenants and multi tenanted buildings including facilities management; coordinating major renovations and upgrades of systems, marketing to brokers and offering incentives to find tenants for our properties while working closely with key contractors.

Once I arrived in Australia, I moved into the residential sector and carried out all aspects of the day to day running of Residential Property Management, administration, trust accounting and tribunal attendance and included Commercial, Retail and Industrial to my portfolio, managing multi tenanted buildings, specialising in facilities management, maintenance and compliance, including the management of tenancies, lease negotiations, arrears management and all other facets running a portfolio across a vast area from Queensland to NSW.

With 20 plus years in the industry I can offer you a professional service and guarantee that you will receive a maximum rental return and your portfolio will be maintained to a high standard."


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Eurika Botha

Asset Manager

126 Scarborough Street